Emotional Leadership and Creating Harmony in Your Household

Have you ever felt confused by your animal’s odd behavior?

I am always grateful for my household. It is a beautiful blending of dogs, cats, horses and human(s). Yes, the puppy still tries to chase the cats. Yes, the cats bait the puppy. But for the most part we live in a state of harmony. I attribute that to being the emotional leadership and expecting harmony!!

This is from my book Energy Healing for Animals:

Emotional Leadership

I talked about emotional leadership earlier, but I can’t emphasize it too much. The first step in supporting your animals energetically is to get some practice setting the emotional thermostat in your multi-species world.

With cats, you might want to do this for the sake of your furniture! Cats can pick up the displaced emotions in a household on so many levels. When those emotions are chaotic, they don’t feel safe—and you’ll know it soon enough, maybe in the form of a shredded armrest.

If you walk into a horse’s stall feeling fear, depending on the horse, you could be met with either defensiveness or kindness. Horses can smell the energy of fear; they can taste fear. That’s why when you’re introduced to a new horse, you need to enter its space with the energy of confidence, respect, and compassion. Any animal that’s reacting to fear has a keen awareness of its surroundings, and whatever the human in the picture is feeling will only magnify this intense awareness.

I have a little tidbit from my Facebook Live last year in Learn to Communicate with Animals with Joan. It is something you can try to do at home. Take a moment and see if you can drop in with your animals.

If understanding and creating harmony in your household is something you are interested in AND/OR you’d like to help others right now with their animals/household harmony, join us May 28th for a 10 week journey in


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