Equine Wellness Magazine: EFT for horses

The Emotional Freedom Technique can help you and your horse release your old stories and resolve physical and behavioral challenges.

The first time I tried EFT on a horse, I was living in South Florida. I got the call around 12:30 in the afternoon, midway through a typical day of phone consults. It was Chris, my horse trainer. He told me I had to come out to the horse show he was at. As an animal communicator, I most often enjoy the luxury of working on the phone and never getting out of my riding pants! I was sure I could help Chris over the phone.

“It’s Shakespeare — he’s jumping fine, but he’s going after ponies in the warm-up ring, he’s going to kill them,” implored Chris. “This is the worst I’ve ever seen.”

Next thing I knew, I was driving out to Wellington. When I got there, the situation bordered on being like a horror movie. Little girls were perfectly perched on their little ponies. Chris, one of the more masterful riders on the planet, couldn’t control Shakespeare. Shakespeare, a 16-hand Warmblood, would bolt and lurch, ears pinned and teeth bared like a rabid dog, toward a pony on the other side of the jump. Little girls were screaming and cantering off, terrified.

I assessed the situation and said: “I want to do something that is going to seem crazy — we need to find a quiet barn aisle to hide in because we’re going to do something really weird-looking!”

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