Exercise as Energy Healing

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Excerpted from my new book: “Energy Healing for Animals”


Exercise is a vibrational technology? Take a brisk walk in the park or around the block and see what you think! If you were to scientifically prove to me that there was absolutely zero benefit in my jumping rope three days a week and hiking three to four days a week, I would still do it. Why? Simply because of how I feel when I’m through. I enjoy the endorphins, the relaxation, and taking my mind off stuff. I also know it balances my digestion, my hormones, and my cardiovascular system, and it makes me breathe deeply. I can feel my entire body vibrate with health. These benefits are the same for everyone—and of course for animals. Well-known dog whisperer Cesar Milan says that the order of business is exercise, obedience, and then affection.

When cats feel better, their digestion and mood improve, and it’s the same for dogs. Horses in the wild move many miles a day. Geriatric animals do better if they move every day. We all have to move it and shake it every now and then. You know what happens to seniors who sit in the La-Z-Boy recliner—they decline. The same goes for animals.

Building exercise into the day is important, and it can be part of your obedience training too. You can create structured play where you bond and connect while they learn and release endorphins. In the end, you are both contributing to the feel-good blue-ribbon emotions!

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