I LOVE my Day Job

I have been going through my whole program Communication with all Life University (CWALU) and cleaning up stuff and rearranging the educational material and I found this little story that puts a smile on my face!

“I do love my job. Today was a somber afternoon, on the phone with people talking to animals, a typical Thursday. I write down everything that I “get” from the animals……one cat that I connected with today, a cat who had recently crossed over said “tell her I will com…e back as an orange kitty and tell her wink, wink.” I thought I’m not going to say “and tell her wink, wink” what a ridiculous thing to write down. Sure enough I tell her all the lovely things he has to say, I can hear the tears flowing on the other end of the phone. And then I come to that last line I wrote down and I went ahead and said it. Including the “tell her I said wink, wink.” Well she burst out laughing and she said “he said that?” I said yep. And she said “tell her wink, wink?” I said yep. She said he KNOWS I don’t like orange kitties. I said “well, you’re getting one, look for the winking orange kitty.””

Excerpted from CWALU Animal Communication Home Study Course

And p.s., I love orange kitties!!

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