KOMONews: Animal communicator says you can learn to talk with your pets

Original article and video interview published at KOMONews.com.

Wouldn’t it be great if our pets could talk to us?

A King County woman, an animal communicator, says they are talking – we just need to know how to receive the message.

Joan Ranquet started learning and practicing telepathy, years ago.  Now she teaches others how to hone this skill.

Ranquet says, “I mean I’m not saying it’s easy. You really have to quiet your mind, but once you do that, we can get the images from any, from all life.”

Images, Joan tells me are the keys to successful animal communication.

KOMO News cameras were there this past spring, when Ranquet used her animal telepathy to locate a lost horse in Redmond.

The horse had been missing more than 24 hours. Volunteers had already combed the entire valley, with no luck. Then the property owner called Ranquet, sent her a picture of Jemma the missing horse and Ranquet got to work.

She explained the series of images she got: “The horse is in a surrounded area with brush around it, not in any distress, but can hear road noise and water.”

The images pinpointed Jemma’s location for searchers.

“Telepathy is pictures, words and feelings and whenever we are thinking about something we are actually creating a picture in our mind,” Ranquet said.

Ranquet says anyone who can really quiet their mind can receive those images and thus communicate with animals.

She teaches her technique during weekend seminars.

“What I love to see is the light bulb … because it’s really transformative when people realize (and) say, ‘Oh my god, I really just got that from that animal,’” Ranquet said.

Ranquet has built her career on helping others communicate with or find their animals. In another story she told, a desperate woman in New York had lost her show dog.

Ranquet recounted, “I gave a description and I remember saying I smell smoke, and the woman said, ‘Well, there’s a burn ban going on in New York state, so there’s no way there’s smoke’ and I said, ‘OK, well I smell smoke. And I see an old barn. It’s like, dilapidated buildings, and I think he’s hunkered down in the barn.'”

Ranquet said the woman thought she was crazy and hung up.

The woman apparently kept driving around, trying to find her dog and Ranquet said she called back later to say she smelled smoke and followed the smell to a guy who had a permit to burn down his old buildings and the dog was in the one of the old buildings.

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