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I’ve had Shyguy now for two years. We have addressed issues of catching, trimming, shoeing, groundwork, trailering, partnering up. I’ve done arena work, desensitization, various outings, trails, and a trip to Oregon to camp and ride. I decided to contact Animal Communicator Joan Ranquet. What motivated me? I felt I needed more information to move forward with confidence, instead of wondering if there were detrimental triggers or any old injuries that would hamper me from doing the things I wanted with him, and I wanted to make sure he was happy and doing fine, and if there was any way I should be “upping” my game with natural horsemanship! A report card, if you will!

So, Shyguy is a good guy, satisfied and SO HAPPY with his life, as in too-good-to-be-true kind of way. He is a “meat and potatoes” guy (my assessment of Parelli Horsenality Left Brain Introvert is right-on) and finds joy in the routine of his life here.

He likes to be good, he knows he is good, but appreciates reassurance, he never got a lot of praise. In his previous life, he was always treated professionally, rode obsessively, then put up, not a lot of love and trust in his previous partnerships. . . .so he knows that I have a big heart, that he is my guy, but he is still a little embarrassed by it, like, enough already!

From this time forward, Joan sees us having just MORE FUN!

Shyguy likes to put his mind in the game, or zone, to have that focus, but in a more laid back way, not obsessively. This was brought up a few times. He says he is good with cows, as in roping, and sorting, specifically, and likes the barrels. Again, it’s good to not be too obsessive, be versatile and have fun. He likes the farm work.

He does have some old injuries, which is why they gave up on him and he was down in the kill lot. Joan did not see any abuse, per se, if there was, it was very minimal. He’s got some ligament injury behind his poll, he is heavier on his left shoulder, which I might see evidence of in loping off of that left lead, and scar tissue on the right side around the girth.

Joan recommends stretching out the front right leg before doing shoeing and trimming. I said I would do more and be more consistent on my Tellington TTouch and perhaps get him a chiropractic session with an holistic vet. She said that would be wonderful.

I feel more confident going forward, knowing more of what I had, even though Anna, my shoer, and I had most of it figured out, it’s nice to know he will enjoy the arena work I choose to do in a laid back manner. I know I can stretch myself and depend on him to be relaxed!

I liked doing business with Joan, on her website you pick the type of reading you want, I chose a half hour phone session, I emailed her a picture of him, she thought he was really cute! and then she sets a time via Facebook messaging for you to call her, so you actually set an appointment which was very helpful.

Also it was funny, I was telling her about riding in a mixed group of gaited and quarter horse for one of our trail rides, she saw that he was trying to gait, that he thinks the gaited horses are exotic! Too cute, (yeah, I’m going to catch up with that gaited horse, and see how he does that!) I’ll continue to widen our experiences together in natural horsemanship!

Give yourself and your partner the chance to go forward with confidence!

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