Olivia’s Product Review of Canine TNT

Now even my dog Olivia is doing product reviews!

Dynamite distributor Joan Ranquet has a special perspective when giving a product testimonial. As an animal communicator, she travels around the nation teaching pet owners how to connect and communicate with their animals. Joan shared with us the story of how her dog Olivia helped her to understand how much she really enjoyed her Canine TNT.

I travel a lot to teach animal communication. Early September 2012, I started my dogs on the Dynamite Canine TNT. I have always loved Showdown (the dog vitamin). TNT – The smell alone makes the morning right, along with coffee, of course. I’ve also been a big fan of the horse TNT – a combination of my favorite vitamin, minerals, joint supplement and more. I have been hoping one day for the human and then the cat TNT – hopefully, those are future product reviews!

Read the full review of Canine TNT at: Olivia’s Product Review of Canine TNT

For more information about dynamite, you can go to the catalogue: dynamitespecialty.myvoffice.com/joanranquet/

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