Reeling after the 9 Day Spring Renewal Intensive

hands on

hands on

I’m still reeling (in the best possible way) from all of the activity in the 9 day Spring Renewal Intensive. I know we all renewed our personal vows to stay on our mission. There was a lot of up leveling in the 3 days of Animal Communication.

The 3 days of EFT were awesome, as usual. The students tapped with each other on big triggering animal challenges, as well as, physically tapping on dogs, cats and horses.

Everyone had a remarkable experience and discovered their inner animal communicator! 

And once again, the Animal Communication in Sanctuaries provided a unique experience for everyone involved. Including the sanctuaries. We were able to go visit The Gentle Barn and the Gibbon Conservation Center, and then Mollie came over from Nature of Wildworks with some of her fabulous friends.

We even did an exercise around problem solving around some painful realities in our world with regard to animal welfare. It was an exercise that stretched everyone as they had to think through a better outcome from a granular to global level.

fox face

Overall, the experience was magical and we are all the better for our relationships with each other, and of course, our heightened experience with the animals.

Once again, between working together, field trips and dining, this group coalesced into a tribe that will have lifelong impact for each of them as they navigate their mission TOGETHER.

 great group pic



Many of you have expressed an interest in working together, but couldn’t make it to the April Intensive, so I have decided to open up enrollment early to my tribe for THE FALL INTENSIVE, starting Oct 4-12.

The Fall Intensive will fill up quickly, and it is a special one as we dedicate 3 whole days to remembering our loved ones who have transitioned.

This intensive weekend includes the Death and the Art of Crossing Over – which is a great way to remember we know how to connect through many dimensions. We will learn how to process our emotions during this time , support our animals and help others when their animals are in transition.

This is a special one.  I hope to see you there!

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