Riding Rollie

Riding RollieRiding keeps me relevant.  Riding gives me the opportunity to feel into what it is like to be 4 legged.  As an Animal Communicator, my job demands that I am able to understand, feel into and convey what any 4 legged animal’s gait, spine and experience in their body is like.

Riding also helps me walk my talk.  When I tell people that their animal companion wants a little more personal time with them, well, sometimes I think: note to self!

I commit to riding as much as I can, even if I have a few minutes between clients, I try to hop on a horse.  If a day or two passes and that didn’t happen, I renew my commitment that day rather than looking back.

I love riding!  Thank God it is part of my daily research for my day job!

P.S. I love my super cute guy Rollie!

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