Shelter in Place

OMG, How could I still Be HERE?

“Hey, wait, this is like a really bad dream, why am I still here?”

“I can’t stand being here another minute. I want to get out. Oh, wait, I can’t get out.”

“I am so sick of this food.”

“If I have to sit here another minute, I’m going to crawl out of my skin.”

Sounds like humans sheltering in place. Right? Wrong. These are the confused and frustrated sounds of animals in shelters.

And that is compounded with the grief, shock, trauma that they experienced prior, in order to end up there.

The frantic barking, the pacing, the panting, the hiding and shutting down are all the behaviors that are seen in shelters across the country. No matter what species, the feelings are the same.

Even if the animal has suffered abuse, they often still love and miss the person behind the hand of abuse.

Being able to help through animal communication and energy healing, particularly one of my favorite go to modalities: EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) tapping is one of my favorite ways of giving back to the animals and the planet.

I’ve also gotten many clients from this work.

I have so many shelter/rescues stories but one of my favorites is from a Greyhound Rescue.  The said greyhound was named Max. He was fostered out from the rescue but his foster, Mary was about to return him because he was so shut down and when he wasn’t shut down, he exhibited nervousness.

When I did the animal communication I discovered (from him) that he had won nearly every race he had ever raced. He had very high status in the race kennel because all the other dogs had seen him be treated like a Rockstar. He had been well loved by his team of handlers. And he set about to be the very best he could be.

Now he was just another dog in a kennel, another foster. While Mary was trying very hard, she had other dogs and nobody knew who he was.

Now, as humans and animal lovers, it’s easy to have judgment about racetracks. But his experience was not what we think and we had to honor that.

As I shared his story, literally his body elevated and his head was held up high. FINALLY. Finally, people knew who he was and who he is.  Turns out, he won nearly every race.

The discussion went from there to how to channel the high strung, nervous energy and how to help him be recognized in his new setting for being the Rock star that he is.  We did some EFT tapping for not being recognized and helped him release his sadness and frustration.

I later found out that later that week, he settled right in. The nervousness went away. The other dogs were told exactly who he was and his status went from foster to ADOPTED.

When we can see exactly who they are and have tools to help them adjust, animal communication and energy healing can be the biggest gift you can give an animal in a shelter.


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