Sistah Kitty Momma and other random thoughts of an Animal Communicator

6 babies

I couldn’t find Francesa for a bit today. I had to dash to town and talk to horses. I came home and was looking for her but was also on a teleconference……I noticed the dogs were obsessed with the fully boxed and unavailable guest room (I just moved onto this new farm)…..I heard some squeeking and the next thing you know – I found Francesca.

She was tucked away behind some big unmoveable boxes in the guest room closet. There she was with 6 babes. I removed the dogs (who think that these are their babies) and dealt with the most gracious momma on the planet. She knows I only mean to help.

I transported her to the laundry room where she will be safe from everything with her babies and where all is set up.

Funny how I was supposed to simply get a barn cat and it turned into this. I thought maybe two barn cats. And honestly, at the rate people want these babies – I need to pick out my barn cat now! 

She has strolled down for chores am and pm in the barn. Again, the reincarnation factor could be argued here as it were as if she wanted to say hello to the horse gang (Gabrielle and Rollie)  with the dog gang (Olivia and Isabella) before she had to hide for the birth and raising of the kittens.

Or perhaps she’s just that kind of chick and wants to be part of everything. I don’t care which, I just love her participation and her allowance of me to help her with the 6 babes. She is a wonderful and patient momma. Fabulous.

She also loves where I had intended for the birth to happen (like this were a hollywood film and I somehow knew when and why to start boiling water prior to birth in the area I thought was comfortable.) It turns out she actually likes the space I created.  She can take a break, she can go back in to the squeeking little open mouths. Up to her……..more updates to come.

I am taking name ideas. I’m thinking there’s an Irene in there. Maybe a Henry. . . ideas anyone? I can always be found at

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