Speaking for Phoebe and Dora through Animal Communication

When you rescue a family of dogs your long-term plan is that each dog will be adopted out to a new family and live a great, happy life. We rescued 7 Chihuahuas and all went to homes except 2 of the dogs. They were just so young, adorable and kind, that we decided to keep them for a while. We had them for 11 months and from the start they were always together. I had concerns about whether they could go to two separate homes or if they were truly bonded and shouldn’t be kept apart.

I went back and forth for months about this. I knew my energy wasn’t helping anything, but everyday I worried that adopting them together was going to be impossible. Each day that passed I started doubting my ability to know if they could be separated or if they needed to stay together. I could not stand my ambivalence any longer. I reached out to Joan Ranquet and she did what I like to call her amazing magic!

She spoke with Phoebe and Dora and I finally got a clear answer. Joan let us know that these two needed to stay together and that a home would open up for them, so just hang in there.

Well, after 11 months and a few days of wondering and then finally calling Joan, it was like the skies opened up; the air was clear and the energy changed. We finally received an amazing application for both Dora & Phoebe in one home. The home was beautiful, the family was lovely and Phoebe & Dora are home forever.

Every time I think of those two beautiful souls I think of Joan and I realize what a very big part she plays in speaking for dogs and cats. I believe in her ability to teach and communicate with these amazing souls and I am very grateful for her continued help.

This is a testimonial from Vicki Wagner, Founder of Eloise Rescue.

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