Swimming with Wild Dolphins



I’ve been back from the Animal Communication Wildlife Retreat, Swimming with Wild Dolphins for a little bit.  Immediately, I printed out some favorite pictures and put them on the wall.  I hope you enjoy the pictures. I love sharing the really sacred moments with these beings.

Every year I have a different awareness or a different AHA.  This year, one of the biggest blessings was having the large pods of dolphins feel safe to swim so close to the boat while they were sleeping.  It was so relaxing to ease into their rhythmic breathing patterns of sleep.!

And every year there are new babies playing!

When I say there are no words to describe these trips, I really mean it.  By nature, animal communication requires a quieting of the brain, a silence. Connecting with nature and wildlife on this level becomes perfectly normal for me because it is this quiet mind state that predominates my work and life!

sting rays

I am blessed beyond measure to get to do these trips, I know it!! 

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