The Field of Dreams by Joan Ranquet

Steffen Peters and Weltino’s Magic celebrating their sweep of the small tour at Aachen. © 2011 Ken Braddick/

Benny is a Wheaton Terrier that even as a puppy would get attacked at the dog park.  When this continually happened to Benny you almost had to wonder if he had an invisible sign on his back saying “kick me”.

We’ve all heard about the cats that are rehomed for urinating outside the box.  The whole situation starts out exactly the same.….the people in the beginning almost smugly think to themselves – ‘this is such a nice cat, who would let this cat go’.  And then after letting go of enough furniture, letting go of enough cash over blood tests, finally, they too let the cat go.

And then there’s the horses like Dexter who have some aches and pains, mainly around the kidney area – that kidney may or may not be doing its job of dumping properly, but that horse is certainly dumping his rider any chance he gets and as a result, the horse gets dumped over and over and over again.

To see some animals (and people for that matter) continually fall into the same trap, reenact the same behavior almost against their own will – over and over again or to watch a pattern repeat itself, you’d almost have to say that something else was running the show.  In a way that’s true.  The hard part of history repeating itself like this is these are usually very sensitive wonderful beings that are simply misunderstood…..or even more importantly, misread and so as the pattern was resurfacing, the people around the animal couldn’t react in time.

We are all energy – we are electro-magnetic.  We are wrapped by a field of energy known as our aura.  We connect up energetically with other electromagnetic fields that we come into contact with.  The earth has a field of energy, so does a blade of grass and so does our animal companion(s).  This is both electric and magnetic.   It is vibrant (electric) and clearly we can see that the pattern is magnetic as well.

Rupert Sheldrake, PhD, author of “Dogs That Know When Their Owners are Coming Home, and other unexplained Powers of Animals” subscribes to the theory of Morphic Resonance.  He believes that a like attracts a like and that all of nature has a habitual coherency – meaning – nature has patterns.  We are PART of nature, therefore inherent in our being is the need to draw in, attract or magnetize that from the bigger memory bank of our collective field of energy.

Wow, did you follow that?  If not, that’s fine – it’s hard to express….let’s just say that whether we’re conscious of it or not, our energy field around us carries a vibe.  And that vibe, unless we’re conscious of it is going to continue the pattern.  And perhaps even magnetize more of that….whatever that is for you or your animal(s).

For some of you this is not a newsflash.  For some of you this is another way to examine what could be done to remedy a situation.  This is not good news or bad news – it is simply news.  The first three paragraphs were situations that were challenges – the next three are quite different……

We’ve all met that cat that sits in the corner that is funny.  With one glance of a cat we just met, we know he’s funny.  He didn’t even move and we just know he’s funny.  We don’t know why we know he’s funny, we just know he’s funny.  We could say to the owner “Gosh, your cat seems funny” and we’d get a loud response “OMG – he’s hilarious!!!”  The cat oozes funny out of his field.

I was flipping through the channels one day and there was a dog show.  If anyone knows me they will know this: flipping through channels is about an every other year activity.  This was the day.  There was the dog show.  Each dog that entered the Best in Show class was striking, amazing, perfection of its breed, a true prize of the canine species.  I was truly grateful I was not the judge.  Who would I pick?  Every dog that entered was justly the best.  And the judge picked the dog he picked.  Perfect.  The commentator then noted that the winning dog had 24 wins.  Of course he won.

Jan and Bruce Hlavacek had a dream of owning a horse to play at the International level.  When Jan could no longer ride her own horse due to a back injury, she still had this dream.   They picked Magic.  Now that Magic is winning everything, I couldn’t help but to ask Jen – what specifically drew her to this horse.  It was no mystery on the one hand – she set her Morphic  Resonance in motion by picking Shannon and Steffen Peters as the trainers.  (They have a LOT of wins in their Dressage field!)

Shannon called her one day and said “I got this great horse in that I think is International quality” and they went on what Shannon said.  Jen will tell you quite frankly that she does not look across a pasture and say “Oh that has International potential” she had what she calls – an attraction goal.  By knowing what they wanted and being well versed at getting what she wants, she magnetized that horse right into her field.  And Steffen Peters field, who with all due respect, is a human with more wins than that Best in Show dog.  Their fields have merged, morphed into quite the winning ticket.  They are winning everything.

So we can create for ourselves and our animals a true magical win!  I actually have many more wonderful stories to share about what Magic the horse is doing as an inspiration – yet I will leave for now on that wonderful thought of how much we are setting up.  Or how much we are standing by and reinforcing something the animal may be magnetizing in from the past.

Here are three little questions you might ask yourself on behalf of you and your animal companion:

Why are we magnetizing this (situation) in?

How can I magnetize the dreams, the possibility, the magic into our fields?

What can we do to create a more positive possibility and re-pattern this field for this animal – and our household?

Remember our energetic field can also pull in the best of dreams just as easily as the other!  Just look at that picture below and note what a field of dreams both Magic and Steffen Peters simply breathe in!

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