Top 7 Reasons for Animal Communication #6: Crossing Over

When scrolling through Facebook, there isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t see someone questioning what to do about making an end-of-life decision. It is like playing God.

On the one hand, nobody wants to do it, we don’t like having to make that decision. Yet nobody wants to see suffering. What may seem like suffering to us might be tolerable for them. Ultimately, it would be best if left up to our animal companion.

As an animal communicator, so many people have called me and asked me “is it time?”

Often an animal may be sleeping more and awake less, in the throes of what I call the “state of grace” that time where the animal is here but also dipping a toe into the other side. You can see that far away look and then within the snap of a finger, the animal is suddenly present.

There is such a sweetness in this time that nobody would want to cut short even though the looming loss creates a bittersweet to the sweet. And the looming brings on a limbo sense that is never that comfortable.

And then there is the how and what. How does the animal want this done? Do they want it to be private? With the other animals around? Inside? Outside? And what will you do with the body? Does the animal companion wanted to be buried under the favorite tree out back? Or their ashes spread over their favorite lookout point on their favorite hike?

These are all questions that your animal companion would love to help you with as would any other family member. Animal communication can be the most beautiful way to help move through these intimate and final decisions.





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