The White Lions Are Calling, Are You Listening?



If I were to tell you that I knew a woman who was saved from about 9 lions circling the jeep out in the wild by Maria, an unassuming Shangaan Shaman carrying her grandson with two other children in tow… would you believe me?

Linda Tucker was out with friends enjoying life in the bushveld with a few friends, tourists and a tracker.  As they were about to leave, their jeep broke down and was not going anywhere, and the lions surrounded as darkness fell upon them.

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Linda tells the story much better than I ever could in Mystery of the White Lions, as well as, several other books.

Years later, Linda would return to the Timbavati to find out exactly what happened that night- how that woman could walk among lions.  It soon became an immersion into the world of all things lions, as she soaked up all she could from her non-English speaking hero, Maria, Lion Queen of Timbavati.

What Linda didn’t know then as she hung on every word the translator shared is this, Linda herself would soon be inducted into that role after learning as much as she could from Maria who’s direct lineage is the famous Shaman, Credo Mutwa.


She learned that the extremely rare and nearly extinct white lion is very connected to these tribes, the land and even the stars and that to lose this very species will be the fall of humanity.  Linda was blessed with the knowledge passed down through the oral tradition of the Shangaan people and managed to get much of the history into her books. And she shares this information in her retreats and workshops.

Linda has become a world leader in conservation and her legendary work with the iconic White Lions and African elders in a great leonine tradition spans 3 decades.  As a result, she founded the Global White Lion Protection Trust.

Linda Tucker and her partner, Jason Turner, a lion ecologist have been on the mission of bringing back the critically endangered white lions and reintroducing them to their very original ecosystem.  She started with one lion, Marah who she rescued from the canned hunting trip. With Marah and her children safe, this very sacred mission began

03Linda’s story reads like a great mystery and adventure all at the same time and plays in your mind like a great film.  It’s rich with symbolism and experience. I had the great fortune of co facilitating a trip there to be with the white lions in 2016.  This is a snippet from an interview I did before the trip.

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What Linda has to offer in her teachings whether through her books, workshops, videos, etc. is we are in terrifying waters.  Between the canned hunting, poaching, and trophy hunting, we can’t afford to lose one single lion on this planet. We have to pay attention.

When we lose the apex predator, it is pretty much over for all of us.

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Words can’t express how magical it is to be with the white lions.  They are in their natural environment, their kingdom. On our trip there in 2016, we were meditating in open air jeeps with the beautiful lions of The Global White Lion Protection Trust, just feet away from us.

Here is the story I wrote upon my return:


Linda Tucker will be offering her amazing workshop here in Santa Clarita and Communication With all Life University will be hosting it!  After becoming an ardent supporter, a warrior on behalf of these white lions and a leader in the conservation movement, we all have a lot to learn from Linda. Her Lionhearted Leadership Workshop will be held October 5th, 6th and 7th.

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