Voice of America Radio Show: EFT for Animals

I am so grateful there is so much interest in EFT for Animals – here is a really fun interview I did that explains EFT, EFT for animals and when to use it!

Click here to listen!

When it comes to Energy Healing for Animals (clever how that is the title of my new book) I find EFT for people and Animals so amazing because you can work on the person’s issues around the challenge as well as the animal’s issue.

For example, if a person has an accident on their horse, both the horse and rider will have residual trauma……….this helps to mitigate it.  If a dog gets attacked at the dog park, both the human and the dog will have trauma.  You get the idea.

This is truly a modality that helps both the human and the animal.

That said, it is great for animals that have issues on their own with other animals in the household, anxieties, fear, and much more.

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