Tigers Temples and the Taj Mahal!

Four tigers- an example of a wildlife trip to India to see tigers with Joan Ranquet.

My very special meditation on wildlife adventures becomes part of the secret sauce on my trips. I have a great story from one of my South Africa trips.

We were up near Kruger Park and the guide we had was a rather earnest guy, a rather straight shooter if you will. He overheard us talking about meditating and I thought what the hell, I’m just going to ask him to get us somewhere great and we can meditate out there rather than here at the lodge.

I wasn’t sure what I expected to say but I certainly didn’t expect him to respond the way he did. He said, “I know just the spot.”

We went out to his said spot. A seemingly nondescript area of the bush. Bird sounds all around but no other form of life. I was in one jeep, the other jeep close enough for everyone to hear me as I led our meditation. All was very quiet afterward.

And then one woman piped up, loudly I might add: “I don’t see anything.”

While it was so jarring and hard to ignore following a blissed out meditation, I didn’t give it any energy. The guide turned back and smiled at me.

And then it began. The pounding in the distance, the branch breaking thud, and as this distant cacophony got imminently closer and closer, there they were, a giant herd of elephants.

And the elephants moved around and through us like a stream of water over a mound of dirt. We were the mound of dirt in total awe that they were as magnetized to us as we were to them.

They moved around us, between the jeeps and flowed on past for what seemed like time suspended in bliss.

One baby even stood and stared at us as if he knew we were this unbelievable source of love.

Guides on trips always tell me that we have extraordinary animal experiences. I have come to believe that these meditations where we collapse our own energy field and become a safe zone is what draws these experiences to us.

I can’t wait to see the tigers in this magnified field of appreciation.

Tiger with three young tigers in India

Tigers are endangered. Some subspecies are critically endangered. There are only 3500 left in the wild.
I am very drawn not only to India but also to see tigers in their natural habitat.
This May I will be taking a small group of people on a very intimate wildlife trip. Intimate with nature, tigers, other wildlife and with the culture of India through seeing their ancient temples.
I can’t wait to meditate in some of these ancient temples. I think of yoga and meditation as technologies that have been passed down through time and my participation in it can be as small as the moment I intend it to be or completely illuminating by tapping into all that it offers through the mastery of the past.
Four major sites in India
We have room left. I would love for you to join me.

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