10 Energy Healing for Animals Tips: #3 Food and Nutrition are Considered Energy Medicine

“You might not think of food as a subtle energy technology, but I believe that food is one of the foremost energetic technologies to consider for optimum health and behavior. You can pour vitamin C into your dog, lay him on a crystal bed, and give him a cranial sacral session, but if the food you’re feeding him isn’t supporting him, you’ll probably just break even at best. You won’t see the kind of sweeping positive shift you could if you include nutrition in your overall recipe for healing.” Excerpt from Energy Healing for Animals (Sounds True).

Imagine that you started feeding the electrical system of your animal. Imagine if you wanted to quiet the endocrine system of an animal. Imagine if you wanted to feed an anti-inflammatory diet for your animal.

Like us, everything they eat can be fuel for their fire, can give them a big quick blazing fire that burns out quickly or can ultimately have a deadly impact.

Choosing good food is like choosing life. 

Olivia, my half BC, ¼ Rottweiler and ¼ GS (and 100% Scorpio) was very active as a puppy. I was talking to my holistic vet at the time and telling her I couldn’t get Olivia to chill. She asked me what I was feeding her. I said raw chicken, oatmeal and green veggies. She told me right then that it was too much heat. That the oatmeal was heating up a pre-hormonal dog, the chicken was just making her busier but the veggies were excellent. While I thought I had done all sorts of research at that point, I realized I had more to do. I then took a class with Dr. Turie Norman (the same mentioned vet) and I continue to learn about food, feeding and my animals.

The same can be said for horses. So many people go along with the program that the barn manager lays out for them. If they took the time to read labels and see what the actual needs of their animals are, they would be able to eliminate a lot of inflammation as well as behavioral issues. One thing to eliminate for sure for both of those situations would be sugar. 

My best recommendation is learning how to read labels. Once you start reading labels, and you find the food in the label, you can make choices over what would be the best food for that animals needs.  


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