10 Energy Healing for Animals Tips: #7 Everything has a Frequency

Just as everything is energy, everything has a frequency, and all frequencies are broadcast into the world as wavelengths. A frequency can attract or repel, and the wavelength itself can also contain information.  

Excerpt from Energy Healing for Animals (Sounds True).

Animals pick up on this energy. When you are calm and neutral, you are a magnet. When you are upset they either flee or they try to fix it.

Of course, when people would get into the water for their first dolphin swim, all of their excitement would fly out of them like shards of glass. Yes, it was a happy excitement, it was a happy vibe, but to an animal, that much energy is TOO much energy. Inevitably, the first dolphin swim would be short. 

I took people on dolphin trips for years and as I created the meditation that would be the standard meditation for trips, I noticed this same concept was true for wildlife trips. If we wanted to see an orangutan in the wild, we had to emit nothing. We had to be calm and cool. Practically invisible. And that frequency is calming for them.

Noticing what you are attracted to is a great way to feel into frequency. And noticing what is attracted to you is a great way of feeling into frequency. And ultimately, noticing what your own frequency is creates awareness that can lead to healing. And as you are healing, you get to emit the healing you want to be in the world.



The Gathering Meditation

Communicating with wild animals and domestic animals are two very different experiences. In the end, it all comes down to connection and learning to gather your energy in! In this 23-minute audio meditation I will teach you about those key differences and lead you through a mediation that will help you connect with the wild ones AND learn how to create harmony in your home for you and your domestic animals.

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