Being of Service – Helping Those Animals of Service

be of service

To be ready to help or be useful.

How many animals do we know are already of service by their very existence?!

How many animals have actually been of service for peace keeping during times of war?

Elephants have been part of military operations forever. Carrier Pigeons helped in WW2.  It is no secret the US navy has employed dolphins and sea lions. The US military has tried everything from bees for bomb sniffing to bats carrying in bombs.

During WW 1, 8 million horses died. And that doesn’t include the donkeys and mules.

Currently, 1400 dogs are in the US Military.

How do we ever thank them? Or be able to give back? Many of them are in spirit and we can thank them in our prayers.

There is another whole understated population of animals that is of service.  We don’t even consider how necessary their great service is in our society. Those secret helpers are the horses in therapeutic riding centers, guide dogs, alert dogs and emotional support animals.

Like our working military animal friends, these animals are rarely “off” duty.  They often give because they don’t have a choice (although they can do something naughty and opt out) or more often, they give because they do have a choice and they are world class pleasers.

These are animals that not only “do the right thing” while they are in active duty, they are also standing by and taking on their human’s “stuff” in their down time.

In this video, (a bit long) you can see the relief the brokenhearted horse experienced just with one round of tapping:

Again, by nature, they are of service. How can we be of service back to them for all of the help they have provided? To think that some kid with cerebral palsy will feel in control of their muscles for the 20-minute ride they have once a week is profound. But that horse has a load of several of those elated and some not so happy cases day after day.

Guide dogs, alert dogs and emotional support animals, while they may love their day job are under the same sort of “pressure” as the horses in a therapeutic riding center.

2When that is the case, creating deep care routines for these animals is more important than ever.  Regular animal communication, body work (i.e. massage) and of course something like EFT Tapping is the best medicine of all to help them let go of the emotions they have absorbed as they try to aid the humans that are struggling as well as their own emotions about their work.

By becoming trained in these techniques (or any support modalities) and being able to educate the owners of facilities or training centers for the guide dogs, alert dogs and support animals on the necessary function that healing techniques has for the well being of the working animal, you are setting up an opportunity for that animal to really blossom in their career.

It also sets a precedent for the people adopting or using these animals in these scenarios.  Ultimately, it creates space for the animal to be in exchange rather than always working and that allows for the impact of their work to be even greater.

Who doesn’t want to do that work? I know for over 25 years of being able to support animals in these roles was one of my greatest pleasures and my opportunity for true service. Now being able to train so many people to be that communicator/healer is even greater because I know my service is multiplied.

If this is the type of work you are called to do, to support the support and to be of service for working animals, please join us in our next Energy Healing for Animals Level 1 and get trained!  We still have an early bird special!!

I promise, with this skill, even if you just use it for your own animals, you will be of great service.

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