Big Love After Edgar Cayce’s Visions into Eternity Conference


I flew home after teaching at the Visions into Eternity conference at Edgar Cayce’s Virginia Beach,  only to fly out to speak at the Animal Energy World Conference in Manchester, England.

In both settings I am surrounded by world class speakers and teachers as well as a wonderful tribe of animal loving seekers.

I am fortunate in that my work over the years has brought me enough experience to be able to teach and speak to both subjects.

I got to help people connect up with their animals in the afterlife and to help people see how close our beloveds truly our.

When dealing with a health challenge or a behavioral challenge, safety is everything. The more grounded you are in your space; you are creating more opportunity for healing.

If grounding is a challenge, there are many tools you can use. Crystals are a quick fix – it is a simple, faithful tool facilitates and grounds this ancient wisdom.

The other speakers at the conference, Visions into Eternity were John Holland and Anita Moorjani as well as several other fantastic speakers and mediums.

Anita Moorjani spoke about her “heavenly” time after a NDE (Near Death Experience).  She spoke of this place where there was so much love.  I likened it to the concept that the word LOVE doesn’t even contain the essence of the experience.  When I think of that, that is what I feel like happens when swimming with dolphins or other wildlife experiences I’ve had on the wildlife trips.

I know my students experienced this with the cows at The Gentle Barn during our Animal Communication in Sanctuaries.

There aren’t any words created that could describe that feeling.

I’ve also experienced this with my animals (and even with my human family) at the end of life.  It is such a delicious feeling that I wonder why we have to wait until the end of life.


The reason is, we forget about it.  We get busy with laundry and emails and text messages.  We have friends to meet and things to do.  We forget that we could have that deep space big love in the confines of our own homes with a cat on our chest, with a bird on our shoulder, while grooming our horse or out walking our dog.

This experience reminded me that I don’t want to wait until the end of each of my animal’s life or my own life to experience that.  Yes, I do have experiences of it daily, through meditation and doing energy work, but I think I want to be more conscious about it being in everything.

I am willing to schedule in  BIG LOVE.  If I need to put it in the calendar to check it off, at least I’ll be creating the daily neuropathway toward it being my natural state of being.

The great thing about coming back after being with over 150 people seeking that big connection is that I am reminded of who I want to be…..someone in a state of BIG LOVE.

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