Bo the White House Dog and other random thoughts of an Animal Communicator

Bo is waltzing into a world following Miss Beazley and Barney. Buddy and Socks. A big world that will end up in the Presidential Pet Museum. Bo has a lot to live up to and a lot to offer. This will make life seem rather normal for those girls, Sasha and Malia. (I’m thinking a cat or a second dog would be great – but that’s just me.)

I personally love that the country is making such a big deal about the dog. It is important. Right now I have two dogs looking at me like this was a rather boring Easter. Boring or not……the world is better having that pair or a couple of pairs of eyes to answer back to.

I personally love this breed. They are cute, fun, smart, very trainable and look like their jammies are a size too big. They bounce. They are alive yet have a work ethic and value a job. Bo has an supersize me job in this country – with our love of pets and our eye on the Whitehouse.

It will be fun to watch – fun to talk about. We all need something fun! Meanwhile, my own two dogs that are a little bored by a bad weather Easter and a low energy human (that would be me – yes I actually watched a movie today)…..deserve some big dog time tomorrow. We are all weather weenies so the big hike is out. It always comes down to a toy parade around the couch throughout the day to blow off the steam.

More to come for sure on the life and times of Bo………..all within the first 100 days of the presidency. Stay tuned.

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