Checking in with our Animals for the New Year, Reflecting upon Shared Intentions

As we reflect upon the last year, and look ahead into the new year, I always like to look at what I do personally and professionally.  Since I have a big animal family, that includes intentions with each of my animals.

Looking back, we have had big losses and we managed the grief and found the joy.  That was like a tippy canoe sometimes, yet, we are on the other side of the big waves of grief.  I have made big strides (literally) with one of my horses, Anya.  I’ve kept Gabrielle entertained in her elder years.  I still hop on her a couple days a week.

The dogs have gotten big adventures.  The cats have gotten a lot of private time.  All of this is great for them.  

I also love to check in with my animals and see what their intentions are for the year. I use intentions rather than goals, just because I don’t imagine they have score sheets and tally it all up to see if they met their measured goal.  (Although if anyone knew my ½ Border Collie, Olivia, the Scorpio, she may have!)

I know if I were to ask my animals what their intentions would be for the next year, it would be more please!  More time.  More connection.  More adventure.  More carrots.  More dog bones.  More catnip.

Abby the DogI know for me, my intentions with them are the same.  More please.  More purring, more dog smiles, more connection with my horses.

Professionally, I can happily say it was a very big year.  Getting my TEDx talk up was no small feat.  Getting Animal Communication and EFT Tapping into an academic setting with the equestrian department at Stephens College was profound. (See Blog)   Being with people as we got to be in the space with endangered species in the wild for the first time was moving.  The amount of new people coming through the program is very exciting!

And I am also looking forward to more please!  I’m hoping to enrich the lives of many as they pursue a career with animals.  I’m looking forward to getting more content out.  I have every intention of making this as easy as possible for people to be connected with their animals. 

I want everyone communicating and participating in healing with their animals.  So, I’m here to help people meet their intentions if that is what they desire.  And to kick start that, I have a little video to help.

Of course, if you’re hoping to connect with your animals over what their intentions are and you don’t trust your animal communication skills yet, you could always sit with your animals, close your eyes and write down what you imagine they would want.  Or call an Animal Communicator!!  


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