Christian, the Dog Who Wanted a Party

Christian, dog who wanted a party

Revisiting stories in my first book, Communication with all Life, is not only helpful for others in the book club but also nostalgic for me. It has been my greatest honor to empower these beautiful souls through the form of communication.

Here is one of my favorite stories from Communication with all Life, Frank and Christian:

Years ago, my friend Frank called me saddened by the idea that he should put down his beloved Christian that day. Christian was a 12-year-old Golden Retriever that had been his companion for many years and had been through many ups and downs and all-around of Frank’s life. At this point, Christian could barely walk. Frank had to help him up and felt guilty about spending more active time with Devlin, his seven-year-old Golden.

I connected telepathically with Christian and was surprised with what I found out. I had a sense that his lungs and heart were a bit taxed. But Christian told me he wasn’t ready “to go” right now: He wanted to have a party.

           “A party?” Frank asked in disbelief.

           “A party” I said emphatically.

That day Frank took Christian to the vet who let him know that Christian had bronchitis. The dog was given some antibiotics and sent home. Frank then planned the party.

When the day came, Christian sat in a corner basking in the sun. Kids jumped on the trampoline while the adults were either aghast or amused that they had all gathered for the fabricated birthday of the dog. Frank brought out the birthday cake and gathered everyone to sing “Happy Birthday.” As the song began, Christian shot up and ran over to Frank and sat there, howling through the song. Nobody could believe it. No more than a week later, Christian had a heart attack and died in the hallway―it was very fast and he was at home. And he got to have his party.

Christian, dog who wanted a party

Thankfully, Frank had realized he wasn’t clear enough to know what to do as Christian was declining before his very eyes, and had called for a session. Christian got to have a say in what he wanted and his people entertained this wish. In the end it was a beautiful closing to a very important chapter called Christian.

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