Christine Kane Book Recommendation for Animal People

Christine KaneThere are certain kinds of books that just make you want to crawl under a blanket, sip tea and become friends with the author.

By the time you finish the book, you’ve got a new relationship. Even if the author never knows who you are, you know you’re friends. She’d like you and you’d like her. Finishing the book is a little sad because that connection is gone.

Joan Ranquet is that kind of author. I picked up her book Communication with All Life: Revelations of an Animal Communicator because I was interested in reading about animals and the work she does with them. I got so much more than that.

Ranquet’s words offer more than just the observations of an animal communicator. Communication with All Life is a funny, authentic, spiritual, centered, and informative book about animals, awareness, health, and the deep and important role you play in your companion’s life. In addition to the many stories and examples from her clients and their pets, the author gives sweet examples of her own learning process with her animals to convey this as well.

This book doesn’t try to prove whether or not someone can communicate with animals, though there is one section describing telepathy. Communication with All Life recognizes that there’s a connection, a oneness of all things. And that any part of that oneness can tap into any other part of that oneness. In fact, Ranquet occasionally references other authors like Abraham-Hicks, and applies some of those teachings to our relationships with our pets. She does this with ease and practicality. No woo-woo stuff here.

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