Communication With All Life University Graduate: Michele Novembre

I was in the electronic music industry for about 20+ years before I found my path to work with animals. I always knew my first career would be music and then I’d dedicate the rest of my life to being in service to animals. The how became a big question though. I pretty much left my career in the music industry in 2013 for good. For some years I sort of floundered between trying on new endeavors, but nothing really grabbed me.

Over the years I would consult with my animal communicator Joan Ranquet when there were changes or a passing of an animal in my household. She would always tell me I had the ability and I would tell her I wasn’t ready for the responsibility. At one point we briefly spoke about putting a little retreat together here at my house in Topanga, but then I switched gears and moved to NYC. Im back in Topanga now.

As time went on, I would get emails of opportunities for wildlife trips and other workshops Joan was offering and it always sparked my interest, “Some Day” I would say to myself.

When my beautiful girl cat Angelique passed away a few years ago I had a session with Joan. At this point she had been my animal communicator for 13 years and I noticed she had established an entire school for animal communication. When I emailed her and told her I was interested in her fall intensive, she immediately got me on the phone. She was so excited to enroll me, her enthusiasm is contagious. It didn’t take much convincing, I was ready.

I thought “I’m just going to try this and see how it feels,” I had no idea how quickly and deeply it would sink in to my essence. The truth is, it was always there. I had the ability my whole life and I would tune in and out, but never really understood how to embrace it and communicate any time and any where I wanted with animals.

I quickly enrolled in the full 2 year program with her school Joan Ranquet – Communication With All Life University after that.  It was life changing on every level. It opened me up to rediscover my passion and love for animals and for learning, which has been amazing and endless. It also connected me with like minded animal loving souls, empaths, friends and colleagues.

I didn’t ever plan to be an animal communicator, and help animals physically, emotionally and behaviorally. I didn’t plan to but it has been the perfect path. Once it set in, it was like “Of course! This makes sense” and since then each step has led me to the next evolution in this world and in my life.

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