Get Ready for the Full Worm Moon!

As we are moving through March, we are facing another super moon and this one is called the Full Worm Moon. It is the worm moon because March is the beginning of the thaw, when the dormant earthworms are most active, coming to life out of the frozen earth.

Here’s the gross part: our bodies also have dormant parasites and they are most activated during the full moon.  The magnetic pull of the full moon and the new moon make our bodies and our animal’s bodies an active host for a full parasitic party.

It doesn’t make sense for the parasites to take us out entirely as we are home to them. But they can modify our physiology as well as our brain chemistry (hello, LUNACY!)

I had an old boyfriend that I was convinced went through MOONSTRATION every full moon. Now I just think he was full of parasites. But that’s another story.

What to do? I have been with Dynamite Specialty Products as a distributor for 20 years this year. The Herbal Tonic is my go-to for parasites. In fact, when I lived in South Florida (parasite central), we (me, dogs, cats and horses) cleansed days before during and after the full moon so that we were always ON TOP of the parasites. I will share my follow up, rebuild protocol next month!

When I have done a fecal for my horses (testing the fecal count) in 20 years, only once has a test come back that showed I should use a chemical worming protocol. And that was in Florida. 2004. Right after moving there and the stress of the move was upon us. I used a very mild chemical wormer then. I will share more about that in coming months as well.

I love this herbal combination in the Herbal Tonic.  Hanna Kroeger, Herbalist and the Grandmother of Health had a list of go to herbs for not only parasites but also treating cancer. All those herbs are within the first 5 herbs listed in Dynamite’s Herbal Tonic.

I have also used this as a general cleanse, a wound healing (natural stitches) and in most cases, eradicates hives.

GO Herbal Tonic!!

March 9th is the Full Worm Moon. You could order now and get the protocol started. Even if you start at the full moon, you are in process for the month until the next full moon.

There are dog and horse sizes. This is the horse size. If you have multiple animals, I recommend this size. I throw a little in some apple juice for me. (Spicy!) Otherwise, search on the site below for the dog size. As for cats, I do a sprinkle each day from a dog scoop. I throw a little in some apple juice for me. (Spicy!)

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