Happy New Year! Happy Year of the Horse!

Happy New Year


Happy New Year

2014 – The year of the horse!  Hooray!  Of course, every year for me is a year of the horse.  Our trusty partner in building civilization, the horse is associated with freedom, travel and power.  They inspire adventure and exploration.  For many of us horse people, we know, horses demand a deep look at our soul.  That’s what this year will prove to be a fast ride with soul searching.  It is truly time to celebrate the new beginnings of a journey with our trusty steed!

For me, personally and professionally, as I say goodbye to 2013, I look back with fondness.  It has been quite a great year.  Great depth and great heights.  A lot of planting seeds.  I have a lot to be thankful for.  Including, my relationship with all of you.  I have my great animals as teachers to thank.  And, I have lots of things to look forward to!  Let’s continue into this next blooming season in gratitude and joy. 

Happy New Year!

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