Happy Valentine’s Day to my beloved animals and a big love honor to the rescues they came from

I am dedicating this Valentine’s Day to the Beloveds in my household.  That would be a few cute dogs, cats and horses!  And, I’m honoring the rescues they came from.

Whether you have that human sweetheart or not for Valentine’s Day, if you are reading this blog/newsletter, you probably have at least one special animal Valentine, if not a house or barn full of Valentine’s!

I know I do! 

I thought that in celebration of my beloveds, I would honor the rescues they each came with a little interview.   This spotlight on the rescues will be in brief now, just a little mission statement.  Then I will do a bigger feature on each of these great rescues in the next few days. 

My horses, cats and Olivia (RIP) came from individuals.  However, my current dogs all came from outstanding Rescue organizations that deserve a lot of attention!

So, without further ado:

Isabella came from Ribsey’s Refugees, Sammamish Wa

Delilah came from 11th Hour Rescue and Sanctuary, Issaquah, Wa

Abby (Abbigail) came from Big Paw Rescue, Las Vegas, Nv

Delilah, my love

In my (upcoming) interviews with each of them, I discovered they all three share something in common: they all love big dogs the seemingly more unconventional!  Ribsey’s Refugees specializes in pit bulls and black dogs, 11th Hour Rescue and Sanctuary often pulls dogs from the kill lists or anything “urgent” and Big Paw Rescue focuses on big dogs.

The big mission of each:

I asked Linda McCoy, the founder of Ribsey’s Refugees what her personal mission is:

“I chose Pitbulls and black dogs as the dogs to focus on with this rescue because they are the dogs that are usually the first to enter the shelter and often the last to leave. We all know the stigma attached to the PB, but during the Hurricane Katrina aftermath, it seemed that the only breed of dog that I saw were the Pitbulls, and we were dealing with 100’s of dogs each day. Black dogs have their own stigma as well because they often don’t photograph well and tend to all blend together in a shelter.”

Thankfully, I adore black dogs!

I asked Rebecca Alexander, the founder of 11th Hour Rescue and Sanctuary what her personal mission is:

”We are a 100% volunteer based rescue organization which strives to save animals from being euthanized by providing awareness and education of animal overpopulation, unnecessary animal experimentation and to help teach responsible guardianship to pet owners. All donations are used to directly benefit animals who are in urgent need. Every animal that comes to our safe haven is treated as part of our family and are very well socialized and cared for. We look for the animals that are most urgent.  Older, blind, deaf, 3 legged – those dogs need to go with us!”

I remember like yesterday when she had so many dogs in from a high kill shelter and somehow, I was blessed to get Delilah (story in a few days!)

I asked Virginia King of Big Paws Rescue what their mission is:

            The team that has been built were once all volunteers for Colossal Canine Care. When they stopped, we stepped up. We know how important it is to have a fighting chance for the Big Dogs! We needed to continue helping them and we did it by stepping up when it was needed. We also have some other ideas on how to help the community and are working on those as we speak. We want to help the big dogs trust humans and we want people to be given a second chance in our community when they make bad decisions. We want to help them down the right path and get the unconditional love of a big heart pup needing a second chance as well.”

Abby first dayMy Abby thanks Virginia!! 

I truly honor and respect the mission, vision and force of nature each one of these rescues are!  Their fortitude, their tenacity, their persistence and their volunteer/foster base must be recognized as well.

Thank you!

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