Healing Chakras and Saving Lives!

A Second (Sacral) and Fourth (Heart) Chakra Miracle

A funny thing happened in Maui the other day. Well, the real adventure I’m about to share actually dates back 17 years ago, 2002.

IMG_7019This last week, I took a few days off to visit my brother and his baby in Maui.  While there, I noticed a post from an old friend on FB. She said she was in Maui. In fact her post was a photo of a beach that I had walked on just that morning.

I contacted her. She wrote right back. While we have chatted at least once a year, I hadn’t seen her since moved away from Denver in 2004. It brought back a flood of memories, some very amazing memories.

I thought back to that time when this woman was studying with me. At the time, once a month in the summer I made it up to mountain towns from Denver to teach Animal Communication. She was an avid student and always came to every one. She wanted to do this work as a career.

When I couldn’t get up to the mountain town regularly, as in the winter, I gave her “homework” and part of that might be what is now the origins of my program, Communication with all Life University.  I kept her going for a while that way. And she had taken all of my offerings. Back then the courses had different names, but they were largely the same content I teach now.

Roughly 17 years ago, she confided that she and her husband were trying to get pregnant, to no avail.  I reminded her that she had the tools from the Animal Alchemy class (which is now Energy Healing for Animals course) and that she could really work her second chakra. Again, I gave her homework.

Well, she got pregnant.  Her husband was an orthopedic surgeon. He didn’t not believe in it.. but he didn’t flat out say that he believed this is what worked.

When the baby was born, she was born with collapsed lungs. Her husband knew medically how challenging this was and was freaked out. My friend was exhausted from the labor and had all but given up when she called. She called one night and said her husband requested I work on the baby because he knew medically there was nothing to be done.

I instructed her to go into ICU and put her hands on her baby into the incubator. We worked on that 4th chakra. I feel like I worked like I’ve never worked on a being. Worked through the layers, into the lungs, inflating them and helping them work. It was like a dream journey of psychic surgery.

The baby lived.

Well, when I got to see my friend the other day, she brought her 15 ½ year old daughter with her. I finally met the baby for the first time.

This tall teenager is very much alive and is as much a horse freak as her mother and myself. Her mother said “remember I’ve told you about how Joan helped you” and in true teenage form she said she had heard the story a million times.

See my Facebook Live here about this amazing story!

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