Healing Wildlife with Energy Healing (Scalar Wave)

Melissa (her real name) had taken my Energy Healing for Animals course last Winter/Spring. She was driving through the Native American Reservation in San Diego on her way hom from working and pondered why there hadn’t been a test in the class. Like, why didn’t Joan “test” our skills.

OwlAnd then on this particular night, driving alone down a highway, with nothing but the dark sky around her, she heard a bump. And in that moment she saw something in the road and realized that an owl had hit her rear view mirror.

Heartbroken, she got out of the car and looked down at the owl and could see he (she thought it was a he) was breathing. She didn’t know anything about what to do with an injured owl but she wanted to get in touch with a wildlife center. But even doing that, she would have to pick up the owl.

She was terrified that he had broken his beak and that would mean the end unless he got help.

So, she said to the owl, “it may be your time to go, I can help you whether you are leaving or want help, but you’ll have to turn yourself so I can pick you up.” In that instant, the owl sat up. But she still wasn’t sure if the owl was planning to leave the planet or needed medical attention.

When he sat up, Melissa was relieved to discover that the beak wasn’t broken.

She boldly picked up this owl and got him in her car with her. She had him wrapped in her coat. She was trying to call a wildlife center and yet, nobody was answering.

So, she did what she had learned to do in class. the scalar wave. She worked on running his energy, clearing his chakras, and bringing in the scalar wave.

She was peaceful with him in her arms and something startled him and he jumped out of her arms and landed on the window of the car door. She asked him if he still wanted help, and he flew away.

She hasn’t seen him since but continued to work on him, energetically.

When she’s driving down that road, she talks to him and wishes him well.

Melissa got her test. I mean, how could I come up with a better test than that? The owl and I agree, skill set 10. Compassion 10. Amazing heart 10.


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