How Animal Communication Helped Transform a Very Cute Dog in a Rescue

I have written before about how fortunate I am to be able to teach animal communication and energy healing in the equestrian department at Stephens College, my alma mater.  Those young women will walk out of the school with skills that will set them apart.  And they are the future of training and equine wellbeing.

Stephens College was one of the first colleges to allow pets in the dorm.  And they offer a partial scholarship to those that are willing to foster animals from the local rescue.

One of the evenings that I was in Columbia, Missouri teaching, we did a special animal communication class with the rescue/foster program and the students that were fostering.  Everyone brought their foster animals and we communicated with all the animals that night.

The first dog “Rosie” was very timid, her head buried in her foster human’s armpit. The young woman said that the dog was terrified of many things.  Rosie had been excavated from a hoarding/breeding situation and hadn’t really had a lot of “love”.

I briefly explained to the students “how to” communicate with animals and being an experiential teacher, I had everyone jump in to the initial communication with this delicate flower of a dog.

After some quiet time, and enough time for the students to get some information, I went ahead and got feedback from the group.  Everyone had gotten the same sorts of things like the dog didn’t mean to be so shy, she wanted to have a family and things along that similar vein.

I mentioned that I had also gotten that underneath it all there was a little diva in there.  Well, most everyone else had gotten the same thing but were afraid to say it because the behavior that Rosie was exhibiting was quite the opposite of “diva” energy.

As we started saying this out loud however, it was like a whole new dog was before us.  She was basking in the glory.  She loved being talked about, admired and basically worshiped.  This little flower was blooming before our very eyes.

She so loved the attention that when it was time to communicate with the next dog, she was clearly disappointed that her time was up!

For me, that is one of the many reasons I love animal communication.  Even though I wrote a book about Energy Healing and love it so much, animal communication remains one of my favorite modalities.  Ever.  How else do you get to witness such a big transformation over such a subtle little exchange?

I look forward to what this fall brings when I go back to teach there.

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