Joy to the World

Joy StoryJoy.  This is why I do what I do.  Joy.  My day job isn’t always joy.  Sometimes I see just senseless tragedy, or heartbreaking circumstances.  When the joy comes it is recognizable, palpable, pure, unadulterated, inexcusable JOY. 

Yesterday I got a holiday card in the mail that said “joy”.  Also, pictured, was a young girl I have been working with.  She was riding her pony.  The printed word was simply a redundant block letter style printing of something already unequivocal in the smile.

My work with this young girl wasn’t always joy.  She had become terrified of her own pony after he bolted with her on his back.  She was experiencing anything but joy.  Clutching, meltdown worthy horror was an understatement and logic didn’t appear to be having a comeback anytime soon.

In the initial communication with the pony, something scared him and he went into fight or flight.  The young girl is naturally a little anxious, so the two beings, merged by saddle went into a tailspin – literally.  That’s when EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) entered and visited a few times.

During my visits with this young girl and her pony, after the initial communication, we tapped that mothah down, we took fear and moved it sideways and slid it right out of the picture.  A few sessions of EFT, tapping on both the girl and her horse and, well, I got a Christmas card in the mail yesterday with the outcome.  Girl’s pearly white teeth beaming from Seattle to China while riding said pony.

There were other contributors to her joy this season.  Seasoned trainers, cheerful, encouraging people in the barn aisle……everyone was voting for this joy.

As I said, the young girl is a little on the more timid side, so discernment will always be there.  Fear may pop in.  But there are other things that are weighing more heavily now than fear, so she will stay in the saddle. She has gained confidence, a deeper relationship with her pony, therefore trusting him to take care of her.  And, she got her joy of riding back.

For me, my Christmas gift came in that card.  Being part of joy for a young girl and her pony is a gift.  Joy.  This is why I do what I do.  Joy!

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