The Tale of Maria and Champ


A young girl named Maria, and her mother had me out to talk to her new pony, Champ. And Champ was a​ champ!  Champ had been imported from Germany. Maria was thrilled.

In the initial Animal ​Communication session, Champ told me of winning everything with his prior owner, a young girl in ​Germany.  Champ has a very professional demeanor. He seemed to be adjusting well here in the ​US, although he was a little unsure of his job with Maria, and thought she was a little anxious. ​

​Maria’s mother assured me that Maria was not anxious.  So, I carried on with the session and found ​out as much as I could and relayed it to his new owner, Maria and her mother. ​

Months later, Maria’s mother called again, wanting another session. Maria, it seems was now terrified ​of Champ (an understatement), after he had bolted with her.  I can’t remember if Maria had fallen off ​at that time.. regardless, her true fear was of Champ bolting. ​

When I returned to the dressage barn where Champ lived, he reiterated his confusion with his job and ​the fact that Maria was very nervous.  All the time. ​

Finally, Maria’s mother admitted that Maria did indeed have an anxiety disorder.  Not only did she ​have an anxiety disorder, she was so terrified of riding Champ. that she was exhibiting fear in the car ride ​to the barn. ​

I asked them if they wanted to try something weird and suggested we go around the corner where no ​one could see us pounding on our own faces!!!  I also explained this may take more than one session. ​

We took Champ over to a grassy spot where he could relax. I asked Maria several things: ​

  1. Where in her body was her terror of riding Champ? ​

               She said it was in her stomach. ​

  1. Did she want to get on Champ again?

               She said yes.

  1. Did this terror remind her of anything that had happened before, even though she was 12 at ​this point, there could have been something terrifying that was still held in her being, even ​earlier in life? ​

              She said there had been a car wreck at one point.  The mother said it was nothing, a fender ​bender. For Maria, this feeling of being out of control was beyond                anything she wanted to ​experience again. ​

  1. If she could ride again, who was her absolute hero? ​

            Suddenly, this shy, seemingly anxious young girl sat up and instantly said Charlotte Dujardin ​and Valegro…(Charlotte Dujardin and Valegro are double gold medalist team from the ​2012 Olympics for the U.K. and have won everything since then at the World Equestrian ​Games and everything else in between – they are STUNNING.) ​

I knew I had my work cut out for me as this young girl was even wearing a helmet to the barn to groom ​her horse, along with a full three day eventing vest to protect herself from her horse, lest he were to get ​out of control, on the ground.  Yet, her vision of riding like Charlotte Dujardin was palpable. I don’t like ​seeing any young girl scared of anything, particularly a horse. I certainly will help a young girl fulfill her ​dream. ​

We started the EFT tapping.  I tapped on myself with my left hand, she followed the pattern by following ​me and with my right hand, I tapped on Champ.  I started with the concept that everything was out of control, out of control.  At some point, we even ​repeatedly tapped on the out of control on every point. I kept coming back to that. I then ended it with, ​and we float, airborne, like Pegasus, a team like Charlotte Dujardin and Valegro. I consistently used the ​Charlotte/Valegro reference through all the points. I also constantly checked back with that stomach.  I ​would throw lines into the script like: “Oh, my stomach says no, I can’t get back on.”

The fact that I knew this energy, defeat, fear, anxiousness, feeling of out of control was sitting in her ​stomach, I could always use that as a reference point for progress.  As I would feel Maria and Champ shifting, I would remind Champ, as if I were tapping into his brain, his ​new job was to always take care of Maria, and then I would go into the Charlotte and Valegro imagery. ​

I suggested several things as homework.  One of which was, I knew Maria had done well with a horse, ​prior to Champ.  I suggested that she go ride that horse to gain her confidence back. I also have lots of ​ideas from my first book Communication With all Life (Hay House),  of cutting and pasting pictures you ​have to create the outcome that you want.  I asked her to have her parents take a picture of Charlotte ​and Valegro and put Rachel’s head on Charlotte’s body and Champs face on Valegro’s body.   ​

Within a day or so, after the first session, Maria’s parents emailed me this brilliantly photo-shopped ​photo of Champs head on Valegro’s body and Maria’s head on Charlotte’s body: ​​

We continued to tap on the belief that, “everything is out of control” and more things would come up, ​we would integrate that into the tapping.  All but one of the 5 or 6 sessions included tapping on Champ. ​ And, then, in December, I received this: ​

image (1)

Maria’s smile and Champ’s pride and ease are spectacularly captured in this holiday card.  This beautiful ​card sat on my table, long after the holidays, as a reminder that all things are possible.  I went out to ​watch Maria and Champ ride that January. ​

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