For all of you who knew Kayla, Luna and Gilligan’s Island, a sitcom from the 60s, you probably heard me describe the relationship between Kayla and Luna as like that of Gilligan and the Captain. I always pictured Luna barreling through life and Kayla as the up-for-anything, and by-the-way… “do you need someone to help out with that,” Little Buddy.

True to that relationship to the end, when my back door was opened to let the two of them out yesterday when Kayla was pretty unsteady, Luna barreled through the door, pushing Kayla aside. It was the way it was and in Kayla’s mind it was the way it was supposed to be.

Our Little Buddy, Kayla has escaped the island. She is in a better place and has left the Captain and me here. We will miss her.

Ellen Fitzgerald | SaddleHands.com

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