King 5 NBC Affiliate: Gemma the pony rescued from 70-foot ravine

Animal rescuers freed a fjord pony who apparently slid down a 70 foot ravine in Redmond and spent several days trapped. Their rescue of 4-year-old Gemma was challenged by the steepness of the terrain and heavy brush.Rescuers used a fire hose to wrap around the 800 pound horse and pull her up to a ledge. She was walked out from there.

To make this story even more remarkable, it was an ‘animal communicator’ that led searchers to Gemma. Joan Ranquet was contacted by Gemma’s former owners, and says after seeing only a picture of Gemma, she was able to make a connection and feel where the horse was.

“I connected with the horse, and the most important sense I got was the sound of rushing water,” said Ranquet. “I didn’t know if it was rushing water or a freeway, just a very loud, loud sound.”

This might sound a little crazy, but Saddle Rock Stables owner Barbara Linstedt says once she heard from Joan, she was able to find Gemma within five minutes.

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