more random thoughts of an animal communicator

   The girls - Isabella & Olivia                                                                                                                                                            

So I got a new camera. I always have these amazing ideas when I think of finally getting the new camera. Every other minute there is a plethora of amazing shots with my animal. Humbly I submit some rather average photos. I suppose if I keep taking photos one out of the masses will be superb.  

Meanwhile, I am pasting my two dogs up.  This was in the morning – after feeding horses, before their breakfast. I have the whole place in a boot camp so to speak. A trainer is working with me and the horses.  I’m working more with the dogs. I’m even asking the weeds to show a little discipline here. (I’ll keep you posted on that story – for sure).  

All in all, it’s a very busy time for me with clients and the University. So creating that space in the day for each of my animals doesn’t leave me crabby at the end of the week.  I can get going so fast that in a week that by Friday I realize I haven’t ridden or done an outing with the dogs. I’ve worked with everyone else’s animals, except my own. Then I overdo on the weekend like some Disneyland Dad. 

Then in my travels – I have to say to clients do as I say, not as I do. That is not the life I want. So I’m glad I made the personal /animal time.  

Boot camp is etched into the schedule. In pen. In 18 pt. Bold print, underlined and with red shading. And I love it. They seem to be enjoying it as well.   

Anyone else in a training or personal boot camp? Let me know!

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