Nat Geo's Into The Okavango

Into the Okavango

I went to the most inspiring talk by two explorers called “Into the Okavango”, chronicling an exploration along the Okavango Delta. It was basically Nat Geo meets performance art meets a riveting slide show meets poignant writing about ourselves, our connection to the planet and maintaining the last pristine region that has yet to be destroyed by man and is home to many species.

I loved it. Of course the pictures were gorgeous, the story amazing, I laughed, I had tears –it was awesome. Benaroya Hall was packed. For those that don’t live in Seattle, it is a big hall. I am so eternally grateful that conservation is foremost in that many people’s minds.

If this “show” comes to a city near you, run, don’t walk – you will be riveted, reminded about how we are all connected and reminded that this precious earth is in our hands.

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