One Mind and our animal companions!

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I’m sharing a little Saturday reminder of how connected we all are!  An excerpt from the Chapter “Decoding Animal Communication” from Communication with all Life, Revelations of an Animal Communicator (Hay House), by, yours truly!


Introducing One Mind


            I’ve talked about the concept that we are sending and receiving thoughts and images without any effort. Take that one step further and imagine yourself as a holographic being, and picture your soul taking the most form. And see your soul connected to whatever your belief is: God, the Universe, the Great Spirit, the Holy Spirit, Allah, Buddha, The Divine, the Force, The Oneness, Spirit Guides, your Higher Self, all the Angels and Saints. Out of respect for however you perceive it, for everyone’s purpose, we’ll call it “One Mind.”

            Now, for a moment, feel the weightlessness of One Mind. It holds a frequency, a vibration, that is lighter than a thought such as, “Oh, I forgot to pick up my clothes at the dry cleaners.” That simple phrase could bring up mayhem because who knows what else you forgot to do that day? You could remember all of those other things just when you were trying to concentrate on nothing. Then add a little spit on the ball by thinking about an event or a serious issue you have going on in your life, and suddenly the density of that thought holds yet more weight. It may even stimulate a physiological response such as a nervous tummy, a fluttering of your heart. These thoughts and feelings whirl around us like a flock of birds suddenly scattering. Eventually they create an energetic pattern.

            Getting back to the animals, we can imagine what they are thinking when you walk through the door in this state: “Uh oh, we better entertain her.” They feel helpless because they habitually have tried to lift your spirits or distract you and this time it isn’t effective; the spam thoughts have taken hold of the whole household. After awhile, they could get sullen or resort to bad behavior. This is animal communication just as surely as what I do, since you are inadvertently sending out dense thoughts and uncomfortable feelings.


Blessings, Joan Ranquet



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