Pam Parker’s CWALU Testimonial

Walking with Pam Parker and lots of dogs!I’m truly grateful for the wonderful people that come through the doors to study with me.  I am also grateful for the teachings I get from my students.  Today, I had the pleasure of walking dogs with Pam Parker, dog trainer and animal communicator.  She is a graduate of my program Communication with all Life University (CWALU).

Like all the students, Pam came to the work with very special gifts.  Her unique talents are dog training and pet portraits.  Her pet portraits are exquisite because she sees into their soul.

She has a draw to be with animals and animals are drawn to her.  I love to join her with my dogs on her adventure pack walks with her client’s dogs.  She also loves to problem solve with one on one training.

Recently she sent me this little note:

Walking with Pam Parker 2Dear Joan, 

This Thank You Letter is long over due!!! 

I want to thank you for creating a course for animal communication that really works. You literaly Work day and night to make sure your students truly can communicate with animals. That they not only can communicate with animals, they also have a high degree of accuracy in what they say. 

I can’t speak for all your students, however I can speak for myself. You have been an amazing Teacher, Friend and Advocate, and you continue to be a Teacher and Friend and Advocate. 

I am not the writer you are.  In fact it takes a lot to get me to write.   When I think of you, and all that you do, and the time you devote to animals and your students, I feel so very, very grateful I took your course, and continue to be your friend and student. 


Pam Parker 

I’m very proud to have Pam as a graduate, a friend, a fellow animal advocate, an amazing dog trainer, artist and animal communicator!  If you are looking for a great dog trainer/animal communicator that is also a spectacular artist – Pam Parker is your gal!


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