Parties and Celebrations

“When a lab is running in full motion, and their ears are outstretched and then rhythmically flop against the head, repeatedly, with each stride, I often think of earthbound angel wings in flight. I have a pair of these said wings. They are attached to Isabella. Seven years ago today, this earthbound angel landed in my life. She has been full of teaching in true angelic form. And, sometimes, those lessons are more like from the Hayley Mills classic “The Trouble with Angels”. Either way, we are blessed, every day to have this angel in our home.”


I love to play wildly with my animals and get the energy going around the farm.  When there is a cause for celebration, it becomes even bigger.  Last week was the 7 year anniversary for Isabella in our heart, in our family.  So, we had a lot of toy parades and more!  Isabella has been a true gift in a million ways.  Definitely worth celebrating!


People often remark that they love the little section in my book Communication with all Life, Revelations of an Animal Communicator, about Parties and Celebrations.  I thought I would reprint that here:


“I’ve had many clients do retirement parties for their animals. This is great to really go all out for them. Pull out the awards, the pictures, review the memories, make a speech, put the leis on—just go crazy! Have your friends over, dog friends, cat friends, horse friends, mean friends, and just sit and brag. Be sure to include any new animals in the household, particularly if it is an up-and-coming show animal. Make sure they know exactly who this other animal is and how gracefully they will retire into the home.


Not only does a retirement party work for performance animals, but I’ve had many people do this when an animal is always “on duty.” Sometimes this is an animal that is on duty around a farm and won’t relax. Sometimes an on-duty animal is also the one that takes on everything emotional that’s going on in your life. An easy remedy for this is to have a party, acknowledging all that they’ve done as an ascended being, but showing that now they get to enjoy the life that they have now been incarnated in, in this particular species’ body.


I boarded horses at a barn in Los Angeles for ten years. It didn’t take much for us to have a party – but the best one of all was a “baby shower” before Pony Boy was born. I opened the presents for Pet One! I make a mean carrot cake that is good for both people and horses.


Personally I don’t think you need to have an excuse for a party – how about just because you want to enjoy your animal companions with other friends and their animal companions!

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