Questions for Graduates, Carolyn McGee

Buddy and me from JT

In this series, you will get to know the teachers and graduates of Communication with all Life University (CWALU). We are fortunate that it is a fun, animal loving tribe. Meet Carolyn McGee.

Buddy and me from JT
What drew you to the CWALU Animal Mastery (Big Program)?
I have connected with and worked with animals and divine energy for years. The way I connected to animals was through my angels (my higher self). When I met Joan, I was drawn to her grounded and direct way of communicating with animals. Her program was detailed and offered me a different way to communicate. I loved how she combined on-line training with in person workshops to provide a robust experience. This was a wonderful way to expand my knowledge, practice and business.

Are you an animal communicator/energy healer now?
Yes, I was working as an animal communicator when I met Joan. I continue to communicate with animals, do EFT (tapping) and other forms of energy healing both locally and on-line.
I own a local dog walking and pet sitting service and use animal communication to help clients develop an easier relationship and deeper bond with their pets. It also helps me guide my employees with challenges.

If you are out there as an animal communicator or an energy healer, what does your day look like?
Every day is different for me! I may be walking a dog and having a conversation about how my walkers treat them. I meet animals and their owners in my office for in person communication/energy healing sessions. Sometimes, it turns out that the owner needs additional support, so I do EFT or energy work with the owners. In addition, I work with animals and people over zoom and phone for healing and communication sessions.
Once per month, I co-host a cable TV show “Angelic Guidance for Daily Living” that provides tips for connection with energy at all levels to support a healing lifestyle.
Evenings and weekends, I am teaching workshops to pet owners who want to connect deeper to their animals. I also teach about receiving, trusting and validating intuition and angel communication. As a guest speaker at holistic wellness events, I teach about animals and how they help us ground our energy to feel our intuition. Intuition and feeling our own connection to messages from the universe, is a passion of mine to teach about! Angels, Animals and Intuition: How they all support your heart-centered life.

Is it helping with your animals at home?
Clear and conscious communication is helping with my animals at home. My favorite mantra when one of my cats starts acting up to get my attention is “use your words”. He just looks at me and tells me what he needs. It is so much simpler. Another example is knowing when the wrestling is play or becomes aggressive. I can follow the energy and intention of the interaction between my dog and cat and be entertained until I need to use Joan’s statement of “Safety First!”.
What would you have to say about Joan, CWALU and/or Joan’s teaching?
Joan is a natural teacher. She models her deep respect for animals and life in each moment. She is patient, clear and organized. I enjoy teaching with Joan and love her step by step process to connect with and heal animals.

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