Have you ever tried to BE with someone, fully present, no thoughts in your head, no agenda, no worries, not needing anything from them? If someone came to you with a problem, would you immediately chime in with solutions on how to fix it?

What do you think the animal or human in front of you wants during those moments of pain and discomfort?

I find that most of the time, animals who are sick and/or dying just want to be with us. They just want our attention, and they just want to feel heard and comforted.

They do not want a solution. The solution has already revealed to them and they may already be in peace and acceptance of what is.

It’s pretty simple actually, but our minds tend to complicate things. Our minds are solution-focused and they will want us to express a solution to a problem.

But to our animals, there is no problem, only what is. Only what they feel and only what they need. Need is a basic desire that everyone feels and our animals are very much in tune with it.

This state of BEING and tuning into our beloved so deeply is what I call the State of Grace.

The State of Grace is simply being in a state of complete LOVE.

When I speak about that sort of love, the word love is a hardly containment for the expansion that is in full force.

When my dog, Olivia, was dying, it was important to me to help her transition into the next world in the best possible way.

When I saw signs of dwindling and I knew the end was near, I decided to do something great to make her last moments on this planet special. I, together with the rest of our animal family, engaged in some fun activities and made sure she was HEARD during {what we thought were} her last days. She ended up living an extra year.

Two things came as a result of our close relationship and being able to hear what she wanted (animal communication).

  1. We created a Bucket List
  2. We lived in what I call Preciousville in my TEDx talk The Rainbow Bridge, Animals in Transition.The Bucket List was very fun. It was a combination of animal communication and simply remembering all the things she loved to do. In fact, we had so much fun doing all the things and planning the next event that it elevated everyone’s spirits in the face of sadness.As far as Preciousville goes, we really did take the time to just BE together. And it was heaven. In fact, it was such a great lesson, that is how our household functions now.

IF you haven’t seen my TEDx Talk, please watch

Before COVID 19, I travelled a lot but when I was HOME, I WAS HOME.  Now, it is just a natural state of being with the shelter in place. And as we ease back out into the world, I am cocooned by a deep love that is far bigger than the word love. 😊

I have teachings on this subject of Death, Dying and Beyond. I have the big one in the middle of the Intensive this fall, Animals In Transition, Death, Dying and Beyond.  But if you want to get your toes wet and see if you want to connect with animals on the other side and be able to support those around you that are going through the stages of crossing over with their animals, I invite you to check out my virtual retreat, Intro to Death, Dying and Beyond.

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