The Power of Dynamite for the Immune System of You and Your Animals

Last month, I shared about Herbal Tonic around the full moon in Spring and Fall being a great anti-parasite protocol for our animals (and ourselves).  Ironically, I was then going to share about what I use to bolster the immune system. My two favorites, SOD and Hiscorbadyne

I say ironically because I was literally going to share this with regard to the reboot after the cleanse, but the timing is amazing because it seems the world is looking to whatever is immune-building. 

After I do the herbal cleanse for anti parasites for my animals, as I said above, I bolster the immune system. I put them back on their regular vitamins (TNT for horses, TNT for dogs and Purrformance for cats), then I add for about a week the SOD and the Hiscorbadyne.

The energetics of this combo feel to me almost like silk. They feel like I’m feeding the richest, most magical bolster I could give them. And it turns out, from a scientific standpoint, I am. I have taken this little blurb from the Dynamite site:

AN OUNCE OF PREVENTION – Making sure your body has all the necessary building blocks for a healthy immune system is always a good plan of action. Dynamite’s SOD contains the building blocks for the class of antioxidants called superoxide dismutase. Indispensable in defending against the toxicity of oxygen-free radicals, SOD is most commonly used to strengthen the immune system during allergy season and in the winter. It also contains zinc, copper, selenium, and manganese chelated to specific amino acids to aid the body in creating the vital components of your immune system. Try a 10-day course of SOD to get your immune system tuned up. In addition to SOD, Hiscorbadyne added into your daily foundation products is also a wonderful preventative measure. Hiscorbadyne provides a healthy dose of buffered vitamin C and a proprietary blend of herbs and antioxidants that specifically target immune system health.


It is remarkable how many times we hear “Since I’ve been on Dynamite I just haven’t been sick!”  This is a testament to the quality and efficacy of Dynamite products and to the philosophy behind them. Give your body what it needs to function correctly and you will be amazed at how good you feel and how healthy you stay – even through cold and flu season.

I have been a distributor with Dynamite for 20 years this year. I rarely get sick. I rarely take my animals to the veterinarian. We have enjoyed extraordinarily great health. Gabrielle will be 32 next week!!

Rather than direct you to each of the horse, dog or cat items, I will let you take a species specific tour around and see if those rich immune building items call to you and your animals.

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