10 Energy Healing for Animals Tips: #10 Our Home is its Own Ecosystem or Morphic Resonance Field of Energy

I must mention English-born biochemist Rupert Sheldrake, who wrote a book called Dogs That Know When Their Owners Are Coming Home.  You may know him as the first scientist to “prove” that animals and humans share a telepathic bond. He also introduced the theory of the morphic field, a kind of organized database of information in the form of an electromagnetic field that contains the activity of living beings, acts, and even thoughts. Sheldrake expanded his theory to explore “morphic resonance,” a collective pattern of “behavior” based on the pattern of a specific group’s field. Each species has its own morphic resonance. In a multispecies household, all of these combined fields of energy create a unique new field. Our households are giant vessels of morphic resonance! 

In fact, when we speak of animals as mirrors of ourselves, it’s morphic resonance we’re describing. The morphic field we create with our animals has a pattern of its own that influences everything within it. It also has a memory, and its influence extends beyond time and space. It has a like-attracts-like pattern, which is to say that we draw energies to our morphic field that are similar to our own energies. And anything that doesn’t jibe with our field feels “uncomfortable.” 

The morphic resonance of a household that has, say, a dog, a cat, and a human will draw into it other animals that are of like resonance. That’s why some animals just slip right into a new household as if their familiarity has drawn them into the perfect situation. This was the case for my client Ben, who had a beloved standard poodle and found a stray pug on the street. The pug marched right up Ben’s front steps, found a spot on the cold tile landing, and made himself at home. And the poodle accepted his new pal with ease. Soon Ben was wondering, How did we ever live without that little pug?

On the other hand, if a new animal in the household isn’t a like-attracts-like energy match, there can be a lot of friction. There would need to be energy transformation on all levels in order for the new and “unlike” being to feel at home. Say your cat won’t stop hissing at your new puppy. All is not lost. The friction doesn’t have to be permanent—and I’ll explain later in the book how to merge such energies. 

Excerpt from Energy Healing for Animals (Sounds True).

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