National Rainbow Bridge Remembrance Day

Today is National Rainbow Bridge Remembrance Day. Who knew there was such a day?


olivia isabella rollieIt just snuck up on us and yet, like grief, it is just here. Not going anywhere.

Recently, I have felt Isabella the lab who passed about a year and a half ago, hanging around. She has not only “shown up” here but even my friends have mentioned her.

There’s not a day that goes by I don’t think of Isabella, Olivia or my horse Rollie.

I often reflect upon the two horses that brought me to my knees and this work, Pet One and Pony Boy. And of course, I think about the cat, Alexandria.

pet one pony boy alexandria


In the Animals in Transition, Death, Dying and Beyond course (part of the October Intensive), we honor our beloveds. We go through a special process to communicate with them, make peace with any unintended guilt or regrets. We walk through several more animals that have crossed over to be able to really help others with this sacred work. And we spend time with grief, holding space and knowing when you are in a total state of grace.

I consider it sacred work, but I also consider it pedestrian. What I mean by that is, it doesn’t take a special rainbow bridge candle or a special medium cape to connect with our beloveds, every day.

memorial wall photoSometimes there is a sign or a symbol that is so simple as if they are saying hello from a far. For a while, every where I looked, I would see a heart whether it was a heart shaped rock or on a billboard (and I have a shelf of heart shaped rocks now). It doesn’t have to be a vivid dream or hearing the clink of their dog collar or feeling the cat jump on the bed for there to be a moment. It can be a simple sign.

We also can connect with our beloveds by simply getting quiet and saying hello. You’d be amazed how happy they are to hear from you.

This subject is near and dear to my heart not just for me but because I know the relief people experience after a reading. Additionally, I know the power of teaching people how to do this work. It’s an honor and a privilege.

Here is my TEDx talk on the subject: ted

Just like every day is national dog day, national horse day and national cat day (and crazy cat lady day), it’s always National Rainbow Bridge Remembrance Day around here.

PS. It’s also my topic tomorrow on the Animal World Summit (airing August 28th at 9:00 am Pacific)


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