Recovering from Leash Aggression/ Exuberance

I always have dog trainers as friends, students. and teachers. I have always loved a good pack walk. In fact, when I lived in the Carnation area, just outside of Seattle, Delilah was raised with a big ‘ole pack. At least every Tuesday we met up with a dog trainer named Pam Parker and walked with up to 21 dogs at times.

So when my two older dogs crossed over and Delilah was here in California with me and became seemingly leash aggressive, I didn’t even recognize her. Who is this?  I wanted my dog back.

As I looked back though, she was dependent on my older dogs, I wasn’t the “emotional leader” as I call it in both of my books. So here’s what I did:

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I always say that big things require animal communication (to understand), energy healing (could include grounding bodywork and/or EFT), training and management.

For leash aggression, you need all four. Like you may have seen in the video, I started to understand, I was able to do EFT, bladder sweeps and more, I employed training and the management piece was learning to set her up for success.

I have my Delilah back.

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