The Animal World Energy Conference


Being at the Animal Energy World Conference in Manchester was absolutely amazing.  I love to learn and connect with other likeminded animal people and there, I was able to do both. And remember a lot.

Linda Tucker kicked it off with a retrospective of her work to save a species, the white lion. Jason Turner, Linda’s partner shared stories as a lion ecologist.

Having been to the Global White Lion Protection Trust in the Timbavati, seeing Linda again reminded me that we must save the apex predator.

Other speakers were fantastic and having Dr. Bradley Nelson and his family there to share his Emotion Code was inspiring.

I was there as a reminder as I was called healer heal thyself.  Sometimes as healers, we forget self care. I also shared the scalar wave which help set the stage for what was to come.

I am still reeling from the power of the Animal Energy World Conference! On Sunday, I used my ‘collapsing the energy field’ skills I was able to downshift into ‘being’ a dog named Maz.

Maz had an old SERIOUS injury resulting in loss of legs. Medical intuition skills were also handy to detect aches and pains as well as compensation patterns as Kimberly Schipke masterfully facilitated the most amazing healing with her tuning forks and all the changes were documented via this amazing Biofield technology. WOW is all I have to say!

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