1. More on Cecil The Lion #CecilTheLion

    In the outpouring of grief and outrage, many people are saddened that there are so many animals that die without a name. There are so many victims of hunting, so many victims of factory farms, so many victims of our inept shelter system, so many victims in Tajii. For some,...
  2. The Subtle Energy of Animal Communication

    Sometimes animal communication, telepathy amazes me! I still get thrilled with the results of my day job as an animal communicator, don’t get me wrong. The idea that I can be in my riding clothes or yoga pants and talk to animals around the world, daily, is pretty darn great....
  3. Dear Cecil

    Dear Cecil, No lion is as mourned as you.  Some humans are so unenlightened.  For every one person that would do such a thing, thankfully there are many more of us who are open heartedly grieving over this senseless and torturous act. Many people believe that karma will get Dr....
  4. Bruno, King of the House

    Today I got to talk to a cat named Bruno.  To establish balance and harmony in his multispecies home, we gave him a new job.  King of the House. I talk about job reassignment all the time in order to help the whole household.  It helps the animal feel at...
  5. Join The Tapping Solution

    For those that know me, you know I love EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) Tapping Solution and that I love tapping on animals and their people! I will be offering more classes in the spring for tapping on animals but in the meantime, here is a great opportunity to learn more...

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